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Our Being, Time & Space

Our Being, Time & Space

I am Gavish Sahni, the founder and the Principal architect of Studio Architect. An Architectural Design firm from New Delhi.  I Have been a person keeping thoughts to myself, have so much to say but could not find the way of expression. Have been contemplating writing blogs for some time now.  While discussing it in “Risers” – a close-knit group of friends/mentors-all pushed me to start writing. So I am here.

Designing Spaces Transforming Human Being
I Have been a person keeping thoughts to myself, have so much to say but could not find the way of expression. Have been contemplating writing blogs for some time now. By declaring it to a close group of friends/ mentors called ‘Risers’ (Will write about this amazing group in detail someday) pushed me to finally start writing.
I am Gavish Sahni, Principal Architect Studio Srijan, a Design firm based in New Delhi. Will be writing on something I am passionate about. ‘Designing Spaces to Transform Human Behaviour’
Study of ‘Our Being, Time & Space’ has been the core of Quantum physics & Spirituality but that’s how we describe Architecture. We at Studio Srijan are always working on How we can Aesthetically transform users ‘Being’ by making them live in a ‘Space’ designed for a purpose in a certain ‘Context‘ (Time).
Ever Changing Context: The way we design has changed in all the contexts: Time, Culture, Regions, Climate, Purpose of the space etc.
Designing Space: The way to design each Space would be different: segregated /connecting, large/small, bright /dull, cozy/ energetic etc. and in permutations & combinations of all the above using various elements … Light, Colours, Material, Airiness, Layout/ Openness, Detail, Technology and most important of them all Negative Spaces. (That’s what we live in).
Finally Changing Being: By Designing to the Context, we achieve the purpose for what Space has been designed, transforming the being to Relaxing, Sleeping, Communicating, Collaboration, Working, Energetic etc. state.
Architect’s or an Interior Designer’s job is not just to create a beautiful space which the people love to look at and appreciate but to make the place look beautiful inside, as it is on the outside, making the people feel comfortable and elated throughout. The interconnectedness of your Being, Time & Space greatly relates to Architecture
Spaces that encourage chance encounters can increase bonds and connections between people, increase interpersonal liking, which impacts on the experience of space & impact on well-being. Interestingly, recent work has demonstrated that the size of a room can have an impact on the level of openness of people who meet within it. There are a lot of elements of architecture which impact the psychology of people inhabiting the place from a basic performance of employers in an office to attracting customers and boosting sales at a retail outlet. Architecture greatly influences the culture and human behavior but at the same time, the values of our culture greatly influence Architecture.
In weekly blogs, we would be discussing various ways in which our Culture & Values have influenced Design & How Designed Spaces can Transform Human Being (behavior). subscribe & remain connected.



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